Questions and Answers

How do you plan to involve residents in the decision making processes in our town?

To me there's nothing more important than hearing the comments and concerns of the people that make up the City of Everett. Every concern, no matter how small, is a valid concern. I will have open forums, call-in lines to the council meetings, and a direct line of contact to myself. This allows me to be sure that those voices are not just heard, but represented in the Council Chambers. I will be serving my district's common goals, ideas, and solutions, following through with them no matter where that fight takes me. 

How do you plan on helping minorities in the City of Everett?

Minorities are part of the backbone of society. I do not and will not pretend that I know everything about the plight or challenges that minorities face. For this reason, I would like to do an outreach program. First I will assemble a panel of volunteers to work not only with myself on minority issues, but also ethical issues. This way the struggle that minorities feel can be  not only heard, but addressed. Secondly, I will support the businesses that we have here in Everett by applying for grants that are specifically related to helping the growth of minority owned businesses. Thereby making it more accessible and easier for minority families to get a piece of Everett's dream. Lastly, I want to create a program working with the community college to provide an easier and faster process of more accessible education for those that are underprivileged. 

What will you do to address the housing situation in Everett? 

Serving the City of Everett includes serving those that are a part of the unhoused population and those in low income housing. The first step would be to look into hotels and apartment complexes that are vacant by working with the Zoning Board to make this a possibility. These can then be easily converted into low income housing with a sliding pay scale. I plan on working with organizations within DSHS to help those that can work find jobs and those that cannot find benefits that they need to survive. No one should feel the distress of not having a roof over their head or not knowing where there next meal is coming from. I will be working with the VA to assist the veterans that are unhoused and provide support in more ways than one. Providing free programs for skilled trades not only will help the people in need, but will also boost our economy. 

How do you plan to support the growth of businesses in Everett?

Businesses everywhere have been hit hard in the last year by COVID-19 and unemployed individuals. Small local businesses that are privately owned have been hit the hardest. It is my goal to help these businesses get back on their feet. By working with the Chamber of Commerce and the City of Everett we will help bring back local tourism. I plan on helping provide government support for the businesses that were hit the hardest due to the COVID-19 crisis and their employees. 

Please give one example of embedded systemic bias that you would commit to reducing or eliminating once in office.

Ideally, I would like to tackle all systemic biases within the city. I know that would be a near impossible task. The first implicit bias that I would like to commit to reducing or eliminating would be gender identity and sexual orientation biases within employment and domestic matters. The biggest example of this implicit bias that I’ve noticed is people being passed over for employment or housing applications simply due to their gender identity or sexual orientation.

City officials have studied three concepts toward resolving Everett's negative-cashflow problem. They are: approaching voters to enact a public tax for parks services, approaching voters for a property tax lift, and approaching voters to sever the Everett Fire Department from the city budget and transform it into a regional fire authority (a fire authority would set its own taxes to fund itself.)
On council, would you vote “yes” to proceed on any of these three

As an acting member of the Snohomish County Parks Board, I must abstain from voting on matters related to public parks. However, I have ideas I would like to introduce to the City Council to help the Parks Department. I support approaching the voters regarding a property tax lift. If the people of Everett are in support of that tax lift, I will be too. I would vote yes to support a transformation to a regional fire authority.